Law and Public Policy

Students in the Law and Public Policy major will be prepared for active citizenship and success in undergraduate collegiate programs in the field of law.  The LPP program addresses the skill and content associated with a wide variety of professions in the fields of law.  During their time in the program, students focus on criminal and civil justice, as well as Constitutional law, that will build upon their understanding of American Government.  Students focus on applying the theories of law in trials.  This career major will emphasize the practices of criminal investigation and the roles and procedures of criminal and civil court and addresses issues concerning criminal behavior and the criminal justice system and public policy.  

Topics covered in Law and Public Policy include: Constitutional Law, Civil Rights and Liberties, International Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Trial Advocacy, Criminal Trials and Civil Trials.

We simulate the components of civil and criminal law to prepare students for the world of law and public policy.  For example, students will understand the components of evidence and trials in order to prepare an opening argument.  Students will be able to build and present all the components of a case, both civil and criminal, from start to finish.  Students will also be able to learn from those currently in their field of study through field trips and guest speakers.  

LAW - CTE Video from Eastern Technical High School on Vimeo.