Academy of Health Professionals

Allied HealthStudents gain knowledge and exposure for career decisions in the multidimensional medical field. Our program uses projects and problem-based learning, clinical experiences, classroom lecture, various forms of technology and lab instruction as well as outside healthcare professionals as speakers to teach students about the many aspects of the healthcare field.

The curriculum includes: basic preparation in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, mathematics, and related natural sciences.

Topics covered in Academy of Health Professions include: medical terminology, introduction to healthcare/medical careers, legal and ethical concerns, First Aid/CPR methods & emergency care, infectious disease control, communication skills, basic patient care, human development, pathology, diseases and disorders, nutrition/wellness programming, job seeking skills, and college preparation.

In senior year, students can choose from three different options to gain more medical experience. Seniors can enter the CNA/GNA program in partnership with the Community College of Baltimore County. Once they finish the program and earn their certificates, they have the option to continue in the NST program. Students can also participate in an internship with John Hopkins Hospital where they will experience working within a hospital setting. For the final option, students can enter the Pharmacy Tech program to gain the skills necessary to provide medication as pharmacy aide or technician.

We simulate and perform medical procedures in the classroom to prepare students for the real world. For example, students will be able to use ace bandages to wrap injured body parts. Also, students create splints and apply dressings. Sophomores take manikins and put clay on them to diagram muscle structures throughout the whole body. In addition, they dissect and analyze body structures in cow and sheep hearts, lungs, and eyes. Students are then tested on their knowledge in practicals where they have to show off these procedures and display their knowledge of the topics in real time.   

ALLIED HEALTH - CTE video from Eastern Technical High School on Vimeo.