Advanced Placement Program

AP 2021 Exams


This is IMPORTANT information regarding AP exams.

AP exam schedule 2021

Every AP student must complete the survey for EVERY AP course they are currently taking. Students should read the ENTIRE SURVEY and respond for EACH EXAM BEFORE APRIL 9TH.

Exams will be in Digital format (except Spanish and Latin) AND will be taken at the STUDENT’s HOME (except Spanish and Latin, which will be administered at Eastern Tech).

AP Testing will take place during Windows 2 & 3.  Students will have the choice of testing window for most exams.

Administration 3

AP exam schedule 2021

Administration 3

June 7–11
Digital at Home
Exams start times NOON and 4 pm

There are several exams offered ONLY in certain windows.  These exams are Spanish Language, Spanish Literature and Latin.  These exams MUST be administered in a proctored school environment in their specific window.

There are several Exams that are offered digitally ONLY in Window THREE.  These exams are Calculus A/B, Calculus B/C, Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics Mechanics and Statistics.