Eastern Tech Reentry Snapshot

Eastern Technical High School’s Reopening Information

(7:45 am to 2:15 pm)

The following information pertains to the reopening of Eastern Technical High School in a hybrid format during the second semester/Spring of the 2020-2021 school year.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures:

  • Students will enter the building through one of the three exterior doors located on the second floor (lobby, little lobby near counselors, and side cafetorium).
  • Students will navigate to one of three designated locations to sit and wait for the start of school (cafetorium & gyms). Desks and chairs are arranged six-feet apart.
  • Student arrival and dismissal transitions to classes will be staggered according to the daily bell schedule.
  • Students must leave the campus upon dismissal unless participating in athletics.

Face Covering:

  • Face coverings are required for all persons in a BCPS facility or vehicle as well as on BCPS property. Face coverings are required during transportation to/from school on a bus as well as outdoors on campuses.
  • Each school, office, and school bus will have a supply of disposable face coverings for students and employees who forget their face covering or whose face covering becomes soiled or damaged.

Screening & Stay Home When Appropriate:

  • All employees and students are expected to screen themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Remain home if you have symptoms, confirmed COVID-19 illness, had recent contact with a person with COVID-19 and/or awaiting test results.
  • Parents will receive a screening checklist and magnet with the screening practices.

Social Distancing:

  • Classroom furniture is arranged to provide 6-feet separation between students, when possible.
  • Reduce gathering of students in any area – refer to changes in arrival and dismissal procedures and movement in the hallways.

Hand Hygiene:

  • Times for handwashing or use of hand sanitizer to include before and after meals, upon arrival to schools’ offices and home, before and after use of any shared items, after use of the restroom, after sneezing/coughing and other time hands are contaminated.

Breakfast & Lunch:

  • Students will have access to bagged breakfast and lunch meals daily.
  • Cashless procedures will be in place to reduce student gathering. Snacks will not be available.
  • Students will gather meals from one of three designated locations (cafetorium and gyms) and sit at desks arranged six-fee apart.
  • Sanitation stations and extra hand sanitizer will be available for students to sanitize hands before and after meals.
  • Staggered dismissal from eating areas will occur to reduce hallway traffic.
  • Eating will not be permitted in classrooms.
  • Students are encouraged to bring personal filled water bottles to school. Water will be provided from large bottle dispensers with use of disposal paper cups.

Supplies & Devices:

  • Students are required to bring devices and charges to school each day.
  • Charging stations and charging resources are available to students throughout the day in both large spaces (cafetorium and lobby) and classrooms.
  • Students should not bring personal devices to school.


  • To visit a BCPS school, visitors must have an appointment.
  • Visits will be conducted remotely or outside, whenever possible.
  • If an indoor visit is required, visitors will be required to wear a face coverings and practice social distancing.
  • The number of people admitted to the building will be limited.

Cohort Information:

  • Hybrid students have been assigned to Cohort A or Cohort B. Cohort A students attend Monday and Tuesday and Cohort B students attend Thursday and Friday.
  • For changes to cohorts from hybrid to virtual instruction or vise versa, parents must complete the information from the link found on the website. Parents should reference the date chart for hybrid attendance deadlines.
  • Students are not permitted to change hybrid cohorts.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

  • All large spaces will be cleaned after student use during arrival, lunch, and evening use.
  • Students desks will be cleaned after every class prior to dismissal to the next class.
  • The frequently touched surfaces (i.e., doorknobs) will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • Deep cleaning practices will occur during the evenings and on asynchronous days.
  • Shared spaces and classrooms are marked with clean/needs cleaning signage.
  • Shared use of items is discouraged. When shared use is necessary (e.g., office copiers or manipulatives for assessments) users will be directed to wash or sanitize hands before and after touching the shared use item. The shared used item will be cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance for the item.