Understanding Cohorts

Understanding Cohorts:

Hybrid vs. Virtual Learning Cohorts


Cohort A  - Attends school on Monday and Tuesday.  Virtual on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Cohort B -  Attends school on Thursday and Friday.  Virtual on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Attends school virtually every day.

How do I change my Cohort?

Changing from Cohort A/B to Cohort C can occur immediately. (from Hybrid to Virtual).

Email your student’s Assistant Principal to indicate the request for your student to be placed into the virtual cohort for virtual instruction.  The last day to request a change is March 12.

Changing from Virtual to Hybrid requires a wait period after March 12.

Parents wishing to have their student change from Virtual to Hybrid learning will need to do so by the timelines below.  To change from Virtual (C) to Hybrid (A or B), families will need to submit their request at: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=3cPDSRs_g0GOdLONSDpa_VT4E-ylg6hMgvMT3zzqMz9UOEc0VzMxSlExUFFPWFFUMkVOMFc3QzBWNC4u


If your request is made by 5:00pm on…

Student can begin Hybrid Instruction on…

March 12

April 6 (A) or April 8 (B)

March 26

April 19 (A) or April 22 (B)

April 9

May 3 (A) or May 6 (B)

April 23

May 17 (A) or May 20 (B)

May 7

May 31 (A) or June 3 (B)