General Practices

 Social Distancing 

(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 27, 68-69) 

Individuals are required to maintain a six-foot distance from others when able. In order to assist with compliance, the following strategies have been implemented:

  • Classrooms capacity has been reduced by fifty percent. The furniture has been situated to accommodate the six-foot same direction requirements
  • Large spaces (cafetorium/gym) are set up to support social distancing practices and will be used for meals and MAVTime.
  • Dismissal times for student transitions between class periods are staggered.
  • Hallway movement patterns are designated and marked with directional signage.
  • Signage is placed throughout the school as a reminder of mitigation protocol expectations.
  • Student arrival and departure times are staggered.

Face Coverings 

(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 27, 68) 

Individuals on the school campus are required to wear a face covering.

  • During mealtimes, students will be able to remove their mask while seated in one of our large spaces (cafetorium, gym 1, gym 2).


Hand Hygiene  

(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 28, 69)  

Individuals are encouraged to sanitize their hands often.


Cleaning and Disinfecting 

(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 69-70) 

Enhanced cleaning protocols have been developed and will be implemented throughout the course of the school day:

  • Large spaces will be cleaned after arrival, lunch, and evening use
  • Students desks will be cleaned after every class
  • Frequently touched surfaces (i.e., doorknobs) will be cleaned throughout the day
  • Deep cleaning practices will occur during the evenings
  • Spaces/classrooms are marked with clean/needs cleaning signage
  • Shared use of items will be discouraged. When shared use is necessary (e.g., office copiers or manipulatives for assessments) users will be directed to wash or sanitize hands before and after touching the shared use item. The shared used item will be cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance for the item
  • Face coverings are required during transportation to/from school on a bus in addition to outdoors when on campus.
  • Face coverings will be available for individuals in need of one.
  • Sanitation Stations (including hand sanitizer) are placed at the used exit/entrance locations of the building, in every classroom, and in large spaces within the school.
  • Hand sanitation wall dispensers are located within every classroom and outside all student bathrooms.
  • Individuals are encouraged to practice appropriate hand hygiene including before and after meals, upon arrival to schools/offices and home, before and after use of any shared items, after use of the restroom, after sneezing/coughing, and any other time hands are contaminated.

Contact Tracing 

(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 81) 

In coordination and consultation with our school nurse and BCPS health office, Eastern Tech will follow the outlined procedures related to contact tracing:

  • Response to Close Contact with a COVID-19 Case:
    • Persons with recent close contact with a person with COVID-19 are excluded from in-person work and school for 14 days from the last close contact.
    • Testing five to seven days after exposure is recommended. Persons are given information about community testing resources.
  • Response to Person Being Tested:
    • Persons being tested for COVID-19 are excluded from in-person work or school until they receive negative test results.
    • If symptomatic for COVID-19, exclusion may last longer.
  • Response to Persons with COVID-19-Like Illness (CLI):
    • Students who develop symptoms of CLI will be removed from their classrooms and cared for in isolation rooms. They will be sent home immediately and excluded from in-person school per the COVID-like Illness Protocol and COVID Nursing Procedure.
    • Persons with close contact with the student with CLI will be notified and excluded from in-person school.
    • Persons with CLI will be excluded from schools/offices for 10 days unless they have a negative COVID test and/or are diagnosed with a specific condition other than COVID-19.”

Restrooms and Locker Rooms

Restroom capacity has been reduced by fifty percent. Signage is used to indicate capacity for each space. Students will not be able to use locker rooms to dress for games or practices.


Isolation Rooms 

(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 31) 

The nurse suite has been configured to have two separate isolation rooms to use if a student becomes ill during the course of the school day. Students who develop COVID-19 like symptoms will be cared for in the isolation room until they are picked up by their parent/guardian. These rooms will enable students to safely receive regularly scheduled medications and other items from the nurse without compromise.



(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 31, 73 and 75) 

At this time, the ability to visit Eastern Tech is very limited. Parents are asked to participate in virtual meetings and communicate through email and phone calls when possible. If an in-person meeting is necessary, parents will be asked to schedule an appointment. When in the building, visitors must comply with all mitigation protocols.


Classroom Modifications

All classrooms and instructional spaces are set up for hybrid instruction and will meet the mitigation requirements set forth by BCPS. Each classroom is set up so that occupancy and social distancing expectations are clearly communicated and easily followed by staff and students.  



  • Each classroom has signage to communicate the COVID-19 occupancy limit 
  • Each classroom has signage that is reversible that designate when a room needs to be cleaned by custodial staff.
  • Signage is posted throughout the school to remind students of the social distancing and face covering expectations.
  • Signage is posted to indicate traffic flow into and out of the classrooms that allow for a separate entrance and exit.

 Mitigation/Classroom Set up

  • All student desks are positioned six-foot apart and facing one direction.
  • Each classroom can safely accommodate 12-15 students.
  • Each classroom is evaluated for the optimal set-up for technology (i.e., webcam/mic) that is essential for hybrid learning.
  • Teacher desks have plexiglass guards.
  • Each classroom has a sanitation station with the recommended supplies necessary for cleaning high touch surfaces. 

Movement in the Halls

Movement within the hallways has been modified to assist with mitigation compliance. Some hallways are now designated as one-way while others are designated as two-way hallways. Signage on the floor will indicate direction and provide six-foot distance reminders.


Exterior Doors 

All usable exterior doors will be labeled with exit and enter signs. Additionally, sanitation stations will be placed inside of each used exterior door.



(Baltimore County Public Schools Reopening Plan for SY2021 pp. 31 and 32, 73 and 74) 

“Staff in the BCPS Office of Transportation have adopted the following protocols to ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC and MSDE:

  • Buses will operate at a limited capacity depending on current social distancing guidelines and the normal rated capacity of the vehicle.
  • The maximum number of students per bus will be one student per seat. However, the seat behind the driver will remain vacant for all trips.
  • Whenever possible, students will be seated in every other row.
  • Barring inclement weather, buses will operate to support airflow and ventilation (e.g., roof hatches and windows may be open during operation).
  • Students from the same household will be allowed to sit together in the same seat.
  • Students should sit staggered, so that students alternate between the window and aisle seat for each row.
  • As students embark on the bus for the trip to school, they should be seated filling the rear of the bus first; for the return trip from school, students should sit with those disembarking first at the front of the bus and those disembarking last at the rear of the bus.”

 Water and Food

Students are encouraged to bring their personal water bottles for use throughout the school day. Water coolers will be available when using a disposable paper cup that will be provided. Additionally, grab and go meals will be available for breakfast and lunch. Meal choices will be limited, and food will not be allowed in classrooms.

While this list of mitigation practices is not all inclusive, it is our attempt to provide you with a general understanding of the common practices that will be implemented and utilized.