Science Department

The Science Department at Eastern Tech is committed to providing the best science education possible to our students. Our mission is for students, faculty, and staff to work together to experience the richness and excitement of knowing about and understanding the natural world, use appropriate scientific processes and principles in making personal decisions, engage intelligently in public discourse and debate about matters of scientific and technological concern, and increase their economic productivity through the use of the knowledge, understanding, and skills of the scientifically literate person in their respective careers.

We offer a variety of courses for students. All students can / should take the following:

Required Courses:

Grade 9  -- Living Systems Science (Biology)
Grade 10 -- Chemistry
Grade 11 -- Physics, Earth Systems Science

We also offer these courses as electives:

Anatomy & Physiology (Allied Health Grade 10 requirement)
Forensic Science (Law and Public Policy Grade 12 recommended)

Advanced Placement Biology
Advanced Placement Chemistry
Advanced Placement Environmental Science
Advanced Placement Physics C-Mechanics
Advanced Placement Physics 2