English Department

The English Department at Eastern Technical High School is committed to providing all students equal access to rigorous course work designed to prepare them for college and the work place in the 21st Century.  Department members are committed to designing challenging work that demands higher level thinking skills and that inspires independent inquiry.  Rigorous English Language Arts work involves problem solving, application, generalization, and synthesis, and it involves reading a variety of complex texts, responding to the literature with thoughtful writing, and preparing students for their professional futures.  English Language Arts instruction will enable students to:

  • Recognize that language is the basis of all culture, the primary means of communication with others, and the primary tool with which we work
  • Develop language competencies which enable students to participate in an open, democratic society
  • Use language correctly with an ability to adapt speech for varying audiences and purposes
  • Listen attentively to evaluate what they hear
  • Develop competence in those reading skills necessary for the performance of school tasks and for the use of reading as an instrument of personal achievement, enlightenment, and enjoyment throughout life
  • Develop critical attitudes and standards in evaluating and choosing among books, periodicals, radio and television programs, stage and motion picture productions
  • Control basic forms of oral and written composition in generating ideas, organizing and developing thoughts in sentences and paragraphs, making appropriate choices in diction and syntax, and adhering to conventions determined by the purpose, audience, and situation
  • Engage in opportunities for creative expression on the level of their capacities and interests
  • Experience literature, the language techniques and literary forms used by accomplished writers and the significant themes that reflect the human condition
  • Compose oral or written responses to literature discussing language techniques, literary forms, and significant themes that reflect the human condition

English Department Courses

  • Grade 9 Honors and Gifted &Talented
  • Grade 10 Honors and Gifted &Talented
  • Grade 11 Honors and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
  • Grade 12 Honors and Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition
  • Creative Writing - Images (the Literary Magazine)
  • Theater Arts
  • Yearbook/Journalism