Eastern Tech Sophomore competes at National Level

Eastern Tech Sophomore earns spot on U.S. national Futsal squad
Posted on 09/10/2019
ET Sophomore competes for US National Team

Eastern Tech sophomore, Brooke Vanschoorisse, earned the opportunity to represent the U.S. at an international Futsal tournament this summer in Argentina. The Maverick midfielder was the only player from the state of Maryland selected for the girls U.S. under-15 team, which went undefeated during the competitions in Argentina. Futsal is a four on four version of indoor soccer, but unlike traditional indoor soccer there are no walls. “Futsal is a quick game, you’ve got to think fast,” explained Vanschoorisse’s Baltimore Union club coach, Guiliano Celenza.

Vanschoorisse and her teammates on the under-15 U.S. squad went through both state and national tryouts to earn their respective places on the team. And while the Maverick sophomore was excited to embrace the experience of representing the U.S. on the field, she admitted, “I didn’t realize what a big deal it was until I actually played for the U.S.”

Vanschoorisse’s play at the pivot position showcased her skill as she netted three goals over the course of the tournament helping the U.S. squad finish 3-0, including a 5-3 victory over the Argentina national team. According to Vanschoorisse, the team’s success on the field was matched only by the bonds they made during the time spent together. “It was really fun. The people we met, my teammates—we got so close so quick. We only had like a week to bond and I felt like I knew them so well.