Eastern Tech Honored for the Engineering Program

UMD Clark Engineering Honors Eastern Tech
Posted on 10/16/2021
UMD Engineering Top 25 High Schools

From Samuel Graham, Jr., the new dean of the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Today, recognition is in order: I am pleased to acknowledge and celebrate Eastern Technical High School as one of the Clark School's Top 25 Source Schools, making your high school one of the premiere locations for in-state talent in our undergraduate engineering programs. Congratulations!

Each year, bright and aspiring future engineers from across our state become students at the Clark School of Engineering, ranked 12th nationally among public undergraduate engineering programs in U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 Best Colleges report. We have partners like you to thank for it. 

Society wants and needs solutions to the world’s Grand Challenges; engineers will play a central role in every solution. At Maryland Engineering, we innovate for families and communities and that finds ways to make life safer, smarter, and easier. Our biomedical engineers are working on technologies that improve health and the human condition. Across our school, we have engineers working on advanced energy research that will revolutionize battery technology, build more resilient infrastructure, and bring AI and autonomous systems to life. We are focused on developing solutions that matter.

Your school’s graduates are in line to dream up and design the next generation of engineering innovations. We recognize the essential role you play in helping students become great engineers and are proud to draw so many students from local high schools like yours.