What Exactly is Mav-Time ?

The purpose of Mav -Time is:new maverick

  • Provide time outside of the academic day for activities such as enrichment, academic support, clubs, sports, and more.
  • Promote increased independence and personal responsibility.
  • Increase academic  achievement.
  • Improve school climate.

Mav-Time will be scheduled every day between 10:31 and 11:31.  This time will be divided into two 30 minute mods called Mav -1 and Mav - 2  where no academic classes are scheduled for any students or teachers at Eastern Tech.

Enrichment is an opportunity provided each day for students to see their teachers for extra help, attend coach class, participate in a club, or participate in a variety of other activities.

Teacher Office Hours and Coach Class

Each teacher at Eastern Tech will provide office hours / coach class at least once a week.  As a magnet school that draws students from a large geographical area, we understand the transportation difficulties that sometimes prevent students from being able to participate in after-school activities.  As such, we are very excited to have teachers be able to provide office hours and coach class during school hours. Teachers will be able to provide more individualized help and assistance on a consistent basis as well as provide opportunities for enrichment beyond the normal scope of the curriculum. This is truly an outstanding opportunity that students will be expected to take full advantage of during the school year.

Rules and Expectations

Students may only eat lunch in the following areas: cafeteria, front patio, and in supervised classrooms.  No food is permitted in the following areas: stair wells, first-floor hallways, second-floor hallways, Library / Media Center, computer labs, or either gym. Stairwells are only to be used to travel to sup1st-floorst floor classrooms.  Specifically, students may not hang out in or sit on the stairs or in the stair wells. Students may not be in any rooms without adult supervision (ex. both gyms, construction mall, classrooms). 

Inappropriate behavior during Mav Time, including but not limited to sitting on cafeteria tables, cutting in line, throwing food, eating or hanging out in prohibited areas, personal displays of affection (hugging, kissing, etc), horseplay / rough-housing of any kind, or failing to discard personal trash could result in disciplinary action or other loss of privileges.  Students are expected to comply with all rules as dictated in the BCPS Student Behavior Handbook. 

How will I know what to do?

We will be posting updated schedules using a website ( that lists all the activities that will be offered during both MAV-1 and MAV-2. This will be shared through flyers, and through the digital signage in the building.  More importantly, pay attention to your teacher...they will be discussing their plans and offerings throughout the year.  There may even be times that a teacher will require that a student attend a mandatory review or study session if necessary due to academic struggles or poor performance.  Additionally, requirements for certain career majors or classes may at time necessitate mandatory attendance during Mav Time.         

Here is a short video on how to add an activity to your MAV-Time schedule

MAV-Time add activities from Eastern Technical High School on Vimeo.

Here is a listing of the current MAV-time clubs and activities:
MAV-Time Offerings 16-17.pdf