Eastern Tech junior at national conference

Maverick student recognized for excellence in medical studies
Posted on 10/08/2018
ET Junior Tiffany Thomas with award

This past June current Eastern Tech junior, Tiffany Thomas, was selected as a delegate to represent the state of Maryland at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston, Massachusetts. At the conference, Tiffany collaborated with many fellow high school students who share her passion, ability and potential to pursue a career in medicine. Delegates used the time at the conference to develop relationships with like-minded student leaders and bond with future colleagues.

Additionally, many of the sessions offered at the conference were led by some of the leading minds in modern medicine including winners of the world’s most prestigious international prizes, such as the Nobel Prize in Physiology and multiple Young Genius award holders. Student delegates were also able to observe a live surgery and attend informational sessions where expert speakers offered guidance and advice for the Congress of future medical professionals. In reflecting on her experience, Thomas emphasized the motivational impact of the speakers, especially as it relates to preparing for a career in the medical field. “Each of the speakers provided invaluable insight into how we should begin our path toward becoming a medical professional,” Thomas stated. She added, “They gave us advice about how getting involved with healthcare efforts in our communities would not only bolster our resumes but would help prepare us for the early stages of our residency programs.”

Thomas cherished the friendships she made with fellow student delegates but insisted that the greatest takeaway from the experience was the clarified sense of service for others that a career in medicine offers. “The Congress of Future Medical Leaders motivated me to think about how my career can impact bigger picture ideas like affordable healthcare and reminded all of the delegates that helping others is the driving force of modern medicine.” To honor the significance of her attendance at the summer conference, Tiffany was presented with an award from the National Leadership Academies by Eastern Tech administration at the beginning of this school year