Eastern Tech Student Achievements from Summer 2017

ET Students Achieve over the Summer!
Posted on 09/27/2017
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FBLA Emerging Business Issues  FBLA Intro to Business Award
 MESA Wood Bridge Award
 Nat'l Merit Letter fo Commendation  Skills USA State Treasurer  MESA Prosthetic Arm Cyber Security

The following students were recognized for

achievements over the spring/summer 2017:

  • Neelesh Mupparapu, Saharsh Buddula, Shawn Nijja -- FBLA Emerging Business Issues Award
  • Francis Adrian Maglaqui -- FBLA Introduction to Business Award
  • Patryk Kurbiel, Kevin Jackson, Samantha Tang, Jeffrey Spencer -- MESA Cyber Security – second place in State; MESA Prosthetic Arm – first place in State; MESA Battleball – first place in State
  • Nathaniel Foster, Matthew Stafford

    MESA Wood Bridge – second place in State

  • Neelesh Mupparapu , Skills USA State Treasurer
  • Matthew Stafford, Joseph Sheely, Jeffrey Spencer, Grace Bahl, Samantha Tang, Robert Miner

    National Merit Letter of Commendation

  • Beder Karshe and Rachel - Wolfe Award of Excellence - National Academy of Future Scientists & Technologists